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The Rockets are bringing back 39-year-old Pablo Prigioni

The NBA Life of Pablo is not over yet.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

After watching Jason Terry look far too old, far too much last year, Daryl Morey has decided that he wants two more years of and old backup point guard.

The Rockets have signed Pablo Prigioni, Terry’s backup during the playoff run of 2015, to a two-year contract, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. The second-year is a team option, and the salary is the veteran’s minimum, which is all the Rockets can offer.

Prigioni is 39 years old. Unlike Terry, he spent most of his professional life overseas, where the seasons aren’t quite as grueling as the NBA. Like Terry, he plays the game with infectious enthusiasm, and watching him sneak up behind Chris Paul for backcourt steals in the playoffs remains among my happiest memories of the Rockets in the last decade or so.

The signing broke mere minutes after Daryl Morey was interviewed on NBA TV, answering a question related to the point guard situation and saying he was happy with the guys on the roster. Classic Morey.

It’s unclear how much Prigioni will help and/or play. He’ll be incredibly useful in training camp for Gary Payton II, teaching him the ways of the force. But, again, he’s 39, and he played 14 minutes per in 59 games last year and shot 29.5 percent from deep. He did have 2.2 assists in that limited time, and the one thing you can count on from Prigioni is making the right play (unless it is to shoot, in which case you can count on him not to do that).

I guess if you’re going to have a backup point guard making only the veteran’s minimum, it might as well be one as delightful and Prigioni. Welcome back, Pablo.

In case you're wondering, here's the roster spot breakdown right now:

PG: Patrick Beverley, Pablo
SG: James Harden, Eric Gordon, K.J. McDaniels
SF: Trevor Ariza, Corey Brewer, Sam Dekker, Michael Beasley
PF: Ryan Anderson, Montrezl Harrell, [reserved for Donatas Motiejunas]
C: Clint Capela, Nene, [reserved for Chinanu Onuaku when he signs]

That's 15. Barring a trade, this is the squad.