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Sam Dekker explains his weirdo Instagram

Dekker tells the story behind his picture with Justin Bieber.

Sam Dekker is super close with Dwight Howard. So, that's pretty much a guarantee he's kind of a weird guy. However, Dekker's Instagram also indicates that, like Dwight, he's got jokes. There's some pretty odd stuff on it.

Like, this picture of him shopping with his girlfriend.

#Selfie shopping with the Bae

A photo posted by Sam Dekker (@samdek7) on

The hosts of The Starters on NBA TV held Dekker accountable for his 'gram when he visited the show yesterday. He pretty much cleared up all of the unanswered questions.

The hosts failed to ask him about his fondness for daytime TV, which includes shows typically enjoyed by middle-aged housewives.

The guys probably saw the sass Blake Griffin received when he said the wrong thing and decided to stay away from the topic.