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The Rockets are meeting with Ryan Anderson today

With their first options not materializing, the Rockets turn their attention elsewhere.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a bit of a slow start to the free agency period for the Rockets. First, they missed out on day one target Kent Bazemore, and now it's being reported that after meeting with Al Horford, the big man has instead whittled down his options to Boston and Washington.

So now the Rockets turn their attention to another big man, one they've been long rumored to be interested in, Ryan Anderson. In fact, it's actually being reported that Anderson is meeting with the team literally as I type this.

Anderson is far from a perfect player -- he's been a negative defender his entire career, and his career rebounding average of 5.6 certainly leaves something to be desired -- but there's no doubting that the Rockets need better shooters around James Harden, and that's one thing Anderson does exceptionally well.

He's a career 37.7 percent shooter from beyond the arc and averages 2.0 threes per game. He would also be a nice fit in a high-scoring Mike D'Antoni offense.

The 28-year-old is also still in his prime -- his 17.0 points per game last season was the second highest of his career --- and would be able to give the Rockets several seasons at the top of his game.

Anderson no doubt has his faults, but with many of the league's top players heading elsewhere, his premiere shooting would at least give the Rockets some extra offensive punch.