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Michael Beasley's contract for 2016-2017 is now fully guaranteed

Beasley has a chance to turn back into a household name

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets had until Sunday at midnight to decide if they wanted to keep Michael Beasley for the season or let him walk. Well, it's Monday and by all accounts, he's still here.

Beasley, after a strong end to the 2015 season that he started playing in China, will be a Houston Rocket for at least one more year.

Beasley last year joined the team on their stretch run to the playoffs, after he had an MVP season in the Chinese Basketball Association putting up 31 points and 13 rebounds a game. The former No. 2 overall pick from 2008 joined the Rockets and become one of the team's only scorers outside of James Harden.

Per 36 minutes, Beasley's numbers were a career-high 25.3 points and 9.7 rebounds a game. You can tell that this is an opportunity in Houston that Beasley is fully ready to take advantage of.

Beasley this year joined the Rockets in Summer League, which is unheard of for someone with his tenure in the league. By all accounts, he is a well-liked player in the locker room and has worked a lot with some of the younger players on the team.

While the Rockets did add a few more "skill" players in Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon, Beasley is still one of the most dynamic scorers in the NBA. There is still no telling how Beasley will fit with the Rockets in this upcoming season or what type of role that he will have in new coach Mike D'Antoni's system.

Last year Beasley only played in 20 games. This year he will have a chance at playing a full NBA season, which is something he hasn't done since before 2013, when he played in 55 games.

D'Antoni is one of the best offensive minds in the NBA. If Beasley can pick up the new system, D'Antoni might be able to help him turn back into a household name. If this is a different Beasley than the guy that played for the Miami Heat, then the Rockets have truly found a diamond in the rough.