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Jason Terry expected to sign with the Milwaukee Bucks

Jason Terry will be taking his talents up north

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Former Houston Rockets point guard Jason Terry per reports has found a new home. ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting the 38-year-old will be taking his talents up north to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Terry spent two seasons in Houston playing more than 70 games each year. During the Rockets' Western Conference finals run he was the team's starting point guard when Patrick Beverley went down with a wrist injury.

Terry's role with the Rockets was to give the team 10-15 minutes a game and be a leader in the locker room, but each season with the team, his role would end up getting bigger and bigger by season's end, either due to injuries to Patrick Beverley, ineffectiveness by Nick Johnson or whatever the hell happened to Ty Lawson last year.

At 38, he can still play, last year going as far to start shooting a few more mid-range shots to help make him more of a threat as his deep shooting percentage declined (39 percent in his first year in Houston, 35.6 percent last year).

The Rockets this offseason decided not to bring Terry back for a third season, and instead signed an even older point guard in Pablo Prigioni. For Mike D'Antoni's system, Prigioni is just a better fit. He;s more of a passer while JET is more of a scorer.

Terry will now join a young and athletic team in the Bucks, who are coached by Jason Kidd, Terry's onetime teammate in Dallas, where both won their lone championship. With very few veterans, Terry has likely been brought in to provide some leadership from a proven pro. I guess his coaching plans will have to wait.