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The leaked image of James Harden’s first signature shoe isn’t pretty

Ugh. Gross.

So the first image of the James Harden signature shoe — the result of the trippy-as-hell Project Harden ad campaign adidas and The Beard have created — has been released and it is ugly.

The picture is above this story. Just look at it.

I am by no means an expert in such things, but I did take a photography class once. I have taken many photos that have been published in respected news organizations, including several of a deli sign that is an upside-down penis. I believe I am an educated observer of things like this.

First of all, the whole sneaker isn’t even in the frame. Would it be so hard to take a half-step back to make sure the tip of the toe and the top of the shoe are in the photo? No. Clear example of amateurism.

Second of all, what is that angle? You can’t just come straight on like that, it has to be taken from somewhat to the side to show depth. I can barely look at it. The fact that it’s hopelessly off-center does nothing to help this problem.

Third, where was this photo taken, in a police interrogation room? What is that lighting? If you can’t go outside, at least have the decency to set up a light box. It’s bad enough the photo isn’t in focus, but it’s so yellow-ed out you can’t even be sure the shoes are black. Are they black? They seem black, but with this awful lighting, who’s to say.

I can see why the Internet has shown no mercy when discussing this, the only image of James Harden signature shoes. Whoever shot this photo should be fired. This is the Instagram Age. If you can’t take a decent photo, at least use a filter. Hack.