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Rockets' James Harden, Adidas unveil signature logo with trippy video

Apparently, you get your own "underground project" with a $200 million dollar shoe deal.

Signature logos are par for the course now with shoe deals. So of course, after a season without his own signature shoe, Adidas has put together a personal brand for James Harden's shoes for the upcoming season. Adidas and Harden have hinted at the "Project Harden" of late and today, Instagram page for Project Harden unveiled what appears to be a close-up shot of an unreleased shoe with a personal brand logo for Harden.

As part of the marketing, the Instagram page included a video with flashing images of Harden, a made from Houston, rockets blasting off, and a hurricane.


A video posted by Project Harden (@projectharden) on

After recovering from my epileptic shock from the flashing in the video, what I take out of it the team Adidas attempted to keep the logo simple and clean for Harden. It isn't a bad way to go for any design, but it doesn't necessarily "pop." Are the indentions in the center suppose to represent head serif of a "J"? Or are the three lines suppose to represent a form of 13? Does the hurricane in the video give us a hint at what they were going for? Harden as a hurricane?

Overall, the logo is nice and clean. But it doesn't impress, in my personal opinion.