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Is James Harden overrated or underrated?

In today's Rocket Fuel: Is the beard overrated or underrated? Plus, what does a Spurs fan think of the Rockets this season?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is almost here, which means Rockets basketball is almost back (well, sort of). Before media day and training camp gets underway, make sure you're caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

This is James Harden’s best chance to shut up his loudest critics |

Harden and the Rockets both have their flaws, but some (including our own Ethan Rothstein) expect both to bounce back after last year’s disaster. Listen to him here on the Limited Upside podcast.

A Spurs' eye view of the 2016-17 Houston Rockets | Pounding The Rock

Want to read an incredibly annoying, simplistic view of the Rockets from a fan of an opposing rival? Then check this doozie of an article.

Somehow, James Harden is overrated and underrated at the same time |

Now, if you want to read a well informed, well researched, and impartial article about James Harden and why he's one of the hardest players in the league to define, then check this out.

Houston Rockets: Did They Find A Hidden Gem In Michael Beasley? | Sir Charles in Charge

After bouncing in and out of the NBA for the last few seasons, Michael Beasley might've found a home with the Rockets.