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The pressure on Mike D'Antoni to turn the Rockets around

In today's Rocket Fuel: The Rockets made a small (or large, depending on how much you love Michael Beasley) trade, while there is more pressure than people think on Mike D'Antoni to win with the Rockets.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016-2017 season of Houston Rockets basketball is finally here! Now is the time for us to get way too excited about media day and preseason games! Before the festivities kick off, make sure you're caught up with the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Rockets trade Michael Beasley to Bucks for point guard Tyler Ennis | Houston Chronicle

ICYMI, BeasGOD was traded to the Bucks for a young, developing point guard in Tyler Ennis. Work your magic D'Antoni.

Can Mike D'Antoni Fix the Houston Rockets? Not by Himself | Bleacher Report

There is a lot of pressure on James Harden this season, but let's not overlook the pressure Mike D'Antoni faces in what is most likely his final coaching opportunity.

Cody Toppert on the RGV Vipers, Houston Rockets, and James Harden (Q/A) | ESPN Houston

This interview gives great insight in to a developing coach and the Rockets organization as a whole. Check it out.

Jason Terry says there's 'no comparison' between Klay Thompson, James Harden

There we go JET. Stand up for the beard (when no one else really will).