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Rockets vs. Hornets game thread: Houston tries for 9 straight minus Eric Gordon

Just like the sun, the Rockets can't be contained in the East

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets have lost nine games all year, and three against the Eastern Conference: once each to the Hawks, Raptors and Cavaliers. As I wrote in my last two game threads for Eastern Conference matchups, the game against the Raptors on Nov. 23 was the last lost Houston had against the junior circuit.

It's not exactly a revelatory stat: the Rockets have beaten worse teams from both conferences. I just find it gives me confidence going into every game that not only do the Rockets have supreme confidence that they can come back and beat anyone, but that they have as strong a track record as one can have against the peers of an upcoming opponent.

The only thing that gives me pause tonight is this:

The Hornets will be without Nicolas Batum and Cody Zeller, so hopefully these things balance each other out. But the Rockets haven't been without their second-best player for any game yet this year, so keep an eye on the minutes Harden goes out; we could see 2015-type play from a unit that will be without a creator better than Patrick Beverley.