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Another example of Rockets chemistry

The Rockets raced back to the locker room after Bucks win to text their sick comrade.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that could be said about the Houston Rockets that you couldn't say last year: The team is just having so much fun.

The Rockets are better this year for a whole bunch of reasons, but one of the biggest is the chemistry on the team. From offseason workouts in South Florida to James Harden texting Mike D’Antoni about life and basketball over the summer, it’s been one of the Rockets’ best features since before Game 1.

After the Rockets’ win over the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night, Patrick Beverley shared a little bit about the team's chemistry.

"Things you guys don't see, Ryan (Anderson) texts after the game, everyone's checking on Ryan after the game," Beverley said. "It's the little stuff a lot of people don't see that goes a long way, but chemistry is most of the battle. We got a real chill locker room, we've got a really cool coaching staff and really cool players. We all like each other, we all enjoy other's success, that's how it's been this whole year. That's why when we do lose games, we're not that down and we don't point fingers. We regroup and get after it the next night."

By this time last year, the Rockets already five losing streaks, and four of them lasted three or more games. This season, only once has the team lost two games in a row, not to mention winning streaks of 10 and nine games already.

Ryan Anderson is a new Rocket, as is Eric Gordon, as is Nene. Last year, the chemistry cratered when the same group came back, plus Ty Lawson. We’re not saying it’s all Lawson and Dwight Howard’s fault, but let’s be real: it was probably all Dwight Howard’s fault.

It turns out, continuity and chemistry are not the same thing.