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James Harden gives a game ball to 100-year-old Rockets fan following Bucks win


Houston Rockets v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

James Harden is many things. He is one the great offensive weapons in today’s NBA, the best player on the Rockets, the best beard in Houston (sorry Dallas Keuchel), and arguably the 2016-17 NBA MVP. But he proved following Wednesday’s 111-92 win against the Bucks, he may be one of the best people in the NBA too.

Harden had one more assist to hand out after the game. He walked over to an elderly fan, signed a game ball and gave to her. That was Lucy Pierce, who turns 100 years old on Jan. 21 and lifetime Rockets sitting in the front row.

Harden talked about his moment with Pierce after the game with ESPN’s Doris Burke:

"Today's her 100th birthday," Harden said. "I was happy to go give her the game ball and tell her how blessed she is and that I am for meeting her."

It's great to see players do small gestures like this for fans. Sure, it was only a moment of his time. But in reality, he went above and beyond. Harden really only had to recognize her existence but he made a memory for Lucy and her family.