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Trevor Ariza deserves more praise and recognition

In today's Rocket Fuel: James Harden continues to make his case for MVP, while Trevor Ariza should be getting more praise for his jack of all trades contributions to the Rockets.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully everyone had a happy holidays and start to the new year. One thing is for sure, James Harden ended 2016 in the meanest way possible, by making NBA history. Tonight the Rockets face the Wizards, but before tip-off make sure you're caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Your New Year’s resolution: Believe in James Harden | ESPN Houston

The title pretty much says it all #FearTheBeard

Low-Key Trevor Ariza Is Critical to High-Octane Houston Rockets | Bleacher Report

At 6'8", 215 pounds with a 7'2" wingspan, Ariza's unmatched utility and versatility reminds us of a Swiss army knife. Ariza should be more appreciated.

James Harden has historic night in what's looking like MVP season | ESPN

James Harden posted a triple-double that is unmatched in NBA history on Saturday, showing again how well Mike D'Antoni's offense suits his game. It truly is a beautiful thing to watch.

2017 NBA New Year’s Resolutions – Western Conference | CBS Philly

NBA teams always have room for improvement. Here are 2017 New Year's resolutions for the Western Conference.