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Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors game thread: Game 2

The Rockets are undefeated against the Warriors this season. Nothing can take that away from them

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

AK wrote a killer game preview, as always, this morning about this game. In short, the Rockets have little chance of beating the Rockets. All I can add is we said the same thing about the last game, and the Rockets wound up winning in double overtime in Oakland. So.

This time, Houston will probably be starting Corey Brewer in place of Ryan Anderson again. Anderson is questionable with a stomach bug, but based on Feigen's pre-game tweets, to which I am too lazy to link right now, it sounds like he won't be playing much, if at all. Stomach bugs suuuuck.

So chalk this one as a 90 percent chance of an L. Or just another notch in the James Harden Unanimous MVP column.