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Mike D'Antoni defends Corey Brewer’s role on the team

He’s going to have to do more of that the way Brewer is playing.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Brewer's offensive struggles this year have been well documented.

On the year Brewer is scoring 4.2 points per game, a career-low, and his 23% shooting from three is the lowest since his rookie year.

While is offensive output has been less than subpar, he continues to have a role in Mike D'Antoni's system, and starts whenever the Rockets have an injury.

He may not get the minutes that James Harden does, but he gets about 15 minutes a game. Even though he doesn't play a whole lot, fans are always quick to point out Brewer's role as something that the team could improve on.

When asked Friday if it was hard to play Brewer because he doesn't offer much on offense, D'Antoni was quick to disagree.

“We got a lot of guys that can make shots," D'Antoni said. "I don’t know if we’re sitting around (here saying) we can’t score. We’re trying to stop people and he’s one of our better defenders that’s one, and two he’ll make shots and he’ll score, he’ll get out on the break. I don’t worry about the offensive end. On the offensive end we’ll score, we’ll score points.”

D'Antoni isn't blind. He understands Brewer is having a pretty rough year putting the ball in the hoop, but he's playing because of everything else he is providing with energy and his ability to play defense.

"If he makes a couple of shots, man, that's great. And if he doesn't, it's still good. He’s a winner," D'Antoni said. "To be able to go away from that and say, 'we'll get somebody else and maybe he'll make some shots, I don't know if he'll play defense or move the ball like Corey or run the floor, but he'll make a couple shots,' people are just looking on the surface and you don't watch him, every time he plays, the team is better."

The Rockets aren't asking for Brewer to score 20 points a game. If it happens, then hell yes they'll take it, but that isn't what D'Antoni is looking for.

While fans may beg for K.J. McDaniels to get some run, it's clear that Brewer is the one the D'Antoni trusts. Brewer is instant energy for the Rockets, and whether or not you agree with D'Antoni, he's going to be here for a while.