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Five Corey Brewer trade options that aren’t insane

Featuring a dream Nerlens Noel scenario!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets combo guard/forward, Corey Brewer just might be one of the most polarizing players, maybe in team history.

There is no middle ground with Brewer, the team loves him and his energy, but the fans hate him for just about every other reason.

Brewer is having one of his worst statistical seasons since entering the league nearly a decade ago. His scoring, three-point percentage, steals and minutes per game are all down. Head coach Mike D'Antoni recently defended Brewer's role on the team, yet in the past couple of games, Brewer's role has been decreased. The argument about if he’s secretly good came to a crashing halt. (Ed. note: sorry/you’re welcome)

Saturday Sam Dekker started in a spot that Brewer normally would have, and he went out and had a career-high 30 points. Monday, Brewer only played seven minutes, his lowest total in the past 18 games.

Reports have flown around this season that the Rockets have tried/are trying to trade him. No doubt like most general managers, Daryl Morey is probably having daily conversations with moving every player on the team not named James Harden.

But Brewer is still here. Morey has yet to find that magic trade.

Sidenote: I myself don't see a problem with Brewer on the team, but I know most people do; so here are five Corey Brewer trades that are sane and rational.

1) Sacramento Kings


The Kings have lost Rudy Gay for the season, and the Rockets have had interest in Kosta Koufos. The Kings have a glut of big men, and Koufos is the oldest on a team that needs to look to the future. It seems like a match made in heaven.

Brewer is no Rudy Gay, but in a pinch, if you squint hard enough, maybe you can see some similarities.

2) Milwaukee Bucks


The Bucks get to the paint better than any team in the league. Hey, that's Brewer's specialty!

Brewer could play the two-guard for the Bucks and help them be even longer. Mirza Teletovic doesn't really seem to fit with the Bucks, but he's a decent shooter and could give the Rockets more size and shooting.

3) Philadelphia 76ers


Nerlens Noel doesn't really want to be on the 76ers anymore (and who could blame him). The 76ers have an outside shot at the eighth seed, and maybe Brewer and Nene help them make a push, or at the very least they provide veteran leadership.

Personally, I've always wanted to get Robert Covington back so if there's a chance, even if the Rockets threw in a couple of picks, then make it happen! Chances are, Philly would want at least a first-rounder thrown in here, considering the other packages they must be fielding for the young free-agent-to-be in Noel.

4) Orlando Magic


While the Magic do have a chance at the playoffs, it does seem unlikely for it to happen. Serge Ibaka is only under contract for the rest of this season and the chances of him going back to the Magic are as likely as me dating Zooey Deschanel.

Brewer would be a hard sell, but if you pair him with up-and-comer Montrezl Harrell, it might be enough to get something done. There is a trade to be made with Nene instead of Harrell but the only way it'd make sense for the Magic would be if Morey threw in a lot of draft picks, and that doesn't seem likely.

5) New Orleans Pelicans


The Pelicans seem to be happy with what they are getting from Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas, so maybe they'll enjoy another former Rocket.

The Rockets have also had luck with former Pelicans in Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon, maybe they'll get the same type of magic with more Moore, plus he helps on the defensive end.