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Rockets vs. Celtics game thread: After the funeral

Will the Celtics seek revenge after they were embarrassed by the Wizards?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow the rest of the NBA beyond the Rockets with as much vigor and whimsy as I do, then you thoroughly enjoyed the "funeral" hijinks from last night between the Wizards and Celtics. The Wizards talked the talk, then walked the walk, and embarrassed the Celtics. It was delightful.

But, NBA teams are a prideful bunch, and there's nothing quite like Celtic Pride, a classic '90s movie starring Damon Wayans, Dan Aykroyd and the Guy From Home Alone Not Joe Pesci.

So, with that in mind, we can expect a spirited effort from the C's tonight. The Rockets have their starting lineup intact for the second straight game, and one figures the embarrassing loss against the Bucks had to have shaken some rust off. Unlike Milwaukee, Boston doesn't feature the kind of length and D that can bother the Rockets, and they don't have a Greek Freak destroying worlds.

This should be a fun game. And the Rockets should win.