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Ryan Anderson is crucial to the Rockets' success

In today's Rocket Fuel: James Harden has seemingly reinvented himself this season, turning him in to one of the most watchable players in the league. Also, Ryan Anderson is pretty darn important to the Rockets.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Rockets take the court again in a juicy matchup of the two leading MVP candidates. Also, it's a TNT game, which means we get to listen to Charles Barkley spew "analysis" at us before and after the game. Make sure to start your game day off right by catching up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

How James Harden Went from Unwatchable to One of the Most Entertaining Dudes in the League | GQ

The creative reinvention of The Beard is one of this season's best storylines.

Faith in system empowers Rockets to stay the course | Houston Chronicle

"At some point this season, the Rockets moved past knowing what they should do when things go wrong to doing it instinctively"

Looking Through The Beard: Ryan Anderson Is Vital To Rockets | Fanrag Sports

And when looking through all the layers of jaw-dropping, offensive mastery of The Beard, it's clear just how important Ryan Anderson is to the Rockets.

NBA's 50-Point Scorers: What's Driving The Boom? |

Jimmy Butler, James Harden and Isaiah Thomas have all dropped 50 points this season—and that was only last week. What's behind the NBA's sudden scoring spike?