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One-handed, Patrick Beverley helps Rockets to a win

The Wolverine plays through pain with the best of them.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

There was no way Patrick Beverley was going to miss a game against Russell Westbrook.

Despite a lot of pain in his right hand and wrist, he played Thursday night.

“Slight sprain and he has some swelling in a ligament in his wrist," Mike D'Antoni said of Beverley's injury, hours before tipoff. "When he shoots and the follow through when he flips his wrist hurts. It hurts a lot, but he wants to play."

Beverley himself mentioned before the game that he was hurting, and yet he toughed it out anyways.

After missing the last two games, Beverley was back and played in 31 minutes and even though his hand hurt when he was shooting, he still managed to score 11 points (3/4 from three).

Thursday night was just like the last time the Rockets played the Oklahoma City Thunder. It came down to the final few plays and luckily Beverley was back.

Beverley didn’t have the key defensive stop like last time, but he did pull in three massive rebounds toward the end of the game including a defensive rebound with four seconds left. On the very next play, the Rockets score the game winner.

"I think that was real gutsy," Trevor Ariza said of Beverley's night. "We needed him to play, we needed his tenacity out there on defense and he suited up and got to it."

Beverley might have only had one fully functional hand, but it was more than enough to help the Rockets win their sixth straight game, the longest current streak in the NBA (again).

With Beverley's hand still hurting after the game, there should still be a little bit of concern.

No word on how much longer this will bother Beverley, but Thursday night, he did wear a wristband with something attached to the top of his hand. It didn't seem to affect him and he played with it all night.