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The Rockets are the NBA's biggest surprise

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In today's Rocket Fuel: The Rockets are becoming serious title contenders and are the NBA's biggest surprise. Oh what a difference a year can make.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Just wow. I continue to be amazed by the Rockets this season, as they made yet another comeback, this time against an Eastern Conference elite, the Toronto Raptors. Make sure to start your week off right like the Rockets did by catching up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

The Houston Rockets Should Have Strong Title Hopes This Year | FOX Sports

Yea, we agree.

Houston Rockets the comeback squad of the year | Toronto Sun

Coming off of consecutive seasons with at least 54 victories, the Rockets were one of the NBA's biggest disappointments in 2015-16. Well, they are now the NBA's biggest surprise.

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It's not always that we get to hear the beard on a podcast, so take some time to listen to some of his thoughts on this season, the MVP race, and more.

Ranking Top 5 NBA Stars at Every Position: Early 2017 Edition | Bleacher Report

Ah, more rankings. Everyone loves to start an argument over some rankings, so I provide you with the background for said arguments.