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Rockets 2017-2018 player previews: Bobby Brown

What’s his prerogative?

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, when Bobby Brown made an appearance on the court, it usually came with a victory cigar, meaning it was too late for your team:

Or, in the other less sexy instances, it was a waving of the white flag:

He made it a point to himself to “make hay while the sun shines,” making the most out of his limited minutes. So he let it fly ... a lot.

He’s even more Moreyball-esque than you thought. On the whole, Bobby finished the 2016-17 season shooting 40% from deep (14-for-35).

His biggest impact for the team, however, could be felt off the court. A longtime friend of Chris Paul, Bobby was instrumental in influencing CP3 to take his talents to Houston. During his time in New Orleans, he, Trevor Ariza and Chris Paul formed a strong friendship that factored heavily into his decision.

“That’s one of my good friends. We played together in New Orleans and we built a bond from then,” Brown told Basketball Insiders in the offseason. “The basketball world is so small, once you build a bond with somebody that’s really cool and has a great personality, it’s almost like a no-brainer.”

Heading into the season, with Coach D’Antoni indicating he will stagger some of the minutes between Chris Paul and James Harden, the role of the “third point guard” is left up to:

  • Bobby Brown
  • Isaiah Taylor
  • Eric Gordon

Brown and Gordon can handle the ball and should get opportunities to run the offense in pinches. At 33, the former Chinese Basketball Association star has seen it all, having bounced around the NBA, and finding a home in Houston. The Rockets haven’t brought in another veteran guard, and with the season less than a week away, it seems the roster is set.

Bobby has the experience and the stroke, all he needs are the minutes now.