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Rockets vs Suns

As the schedule goes from insane to insanely restful.

Ah, the game thread. A challenge for writing 150 words that few will read. Cut and paste? Ramble?

Because I love, because I believe in "a proper job" when it come to posting things, I chose to ramble.

The Phoenix Suns have come to town on a fairly rough stretch of games. The Rockets have gotten a bit of time off, and they're going to get a lot more, with the next game on Wednesday. This should be good, because it supports my "The Rockets were really tired because they had an awful schedule, and they'd played 10% more games than most teams at the same time".

Also, let's put this awful January in perspective. They lost 5 of 8. That's not great, but it's not a collapse, it's a stretch where they ran a bit below .500, and without one of the giveaways we'd have had to complain about going .500. Which was more or less the high water mark last year.

Welp 150 words.