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Ryan Anderson cut his thumb after a run-in with a garbage can

No word on if, or how long, he’ll be out

NBA: Houston Rockets at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Anderson had to make a trip to the emergency room Sunday night, but it wasn't a basketball injury: this trip came from doing chores.

According to Jonathan Feigen, it seems the Houston Rockets power forward, "lopped off" some skin when pushing down the trash. Apparently, there was a piece of broken glass in the trash that did the lopping.

No word yet if Anderson needed a bunch of stitches to get his wound closed up or how this will affect him going forward. His availability for Wednesday's game is up in the air.

So far February has not been especially kind to Anderson.

In February, the Rockets’ stretch four is shooting 33% from the field and 31% from deep while scoring 9.4 points a game, and now he has to deal with this.

Luckily for Anderson, this injury is coming at a very cushy time for the Rockets. Had this happened last month it could have been a much bigger problem, because they were in the middle of playing so many games. But the Rockets’ game on Wednesday is their last before the All-Star break. Ryno has plenty of time to heal up.

Only time will tell if this injury joins the ranks of other legendary off-the-field injuries, like Sammy Sosa’s Steroid Sneeze or USC football player Josh Shaw’s heroic-turned-idiotic tale of jumping off a balcony and hurting both of his ankles.