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The Dream Shake Podcast, Ep. 34: Brew-for-Lou Madness

The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 34

Hosts: Ryan Dunsmore and Max Croes

It's time for Daryl Morey to shine. The NBA trade deadline is where the Rockets GM shines. Ryan, Max, and Ethan do their best to sound like they’re on location for breaking Rockets news:

  • Rockets get Lou Williams, send Corey Brewer and this year’s first-round pick to the Lakers.
  • What does Lou Williams bring the table for Houston?
  • Corey Brewer's legacy with the Rockets?
  • Moreyball and 1st round draft picks.
  • Special report with Ethan at the trade deadline: Houston trades K.J. McDaniels and Tyler Ennis to free up cap space and who could the Rockets be targeting?
  • Rockets face the new-look Pelicans with DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis.

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