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No hard feelings: Dwight Howard says he’s happy for the Rockets

Even happier after sweeping the season series against them.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The end of Dwight Howard's Houston Rockets career was pretty rough. The team massively underperformed, and lots of drama and stories came out throughout the year about the discord between Houston's biggest superstars.

When the offseason came, Howard chose to take his talents elsewhere. No one in Houston begged him to stay

Thursday night, Howard came back to Houston for the first time since the split, and the Rockets honored him with a tribute video during an early timeout. The video touched the big man who said this was the first video a team has shown in his honor after he left them.

After the game, in which Howard had a 24-23 performance and the Hawks shredded the Rockets in the fourth quarter for a comeback victory, shared that even though he left, he still has plenty of love for Houston.

"I chose this city in free agency, and I chose it for a reason" Dwight Howard said. "I really thought that Houston was a great place, still do think it's a great place. In the business of basketball, you got to always do what's best for you and I felt coming home would have been great for me and my career."

The first two season's of Howard's Rockets run was filled with lots of promise. The final season offered little promise as it seemed like he had once again blown up another team, but Howard said he enjoyed his time here.

"This was really a great place for me, despite how all the people tried to twist it," Howard said. "You know I have a lot of love for this city, the community and that will never change, so whatever's being said, I know it kinda hurt a lot of people, but I'm in a great place and I'm happy with what's going on in Houston. And both teams came out on top."