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Play March Madness with The Dream Shake

You know you want to try to beat me.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, sports fans. By this point, you have probably already filled out a bracket and are now anxiously awaiting noon tomorrow for this whole tournament to tip off, and are just as anxiously awaiting 5 p.m. for when you can start pounding beers as your bracket gets torn to shreds.

Here at The Dream Shake, we write about the NBA. But with such a strong community of basketball fans, and an opportunity to generate a competition among all of you with basically no work at all, I decided to create a March Madness tournament. It’s Yahoo, because wake up sheeple.

Here is the signup link:

There you will find yours truly, as well as several current and former members of The Dream Shake staff — including a co-founder — ready to take you on.

As an incentive to fire you up, the winner will get $25 of my money and a sincere email, just because I’m paid like that (not really) and nice like that (not really). With the magic of technology, I don’t even have to write/mail you a check, which is good, because giving them money is not the ideal time to meet someone.

Good luck and godspeed.