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The Rockets should use their open roster spot on Jimmer Fredette

The bomber fits perfectly with D’Antoni. Why not?

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The 15th and final roster spot on most teams mean absolutely nothing, whoever takes that spot likely will never see the light of day.

For the Houston Rockets, that's not necessarily the case. No. 15 in Houston is really like No. 12 because of the three spots filled by guys down in the D-League.

General manager Daryl Morey had planned to give center Andrew Bogut the final roster spot. He traded Tyler Ennis and K.J. McDaniels in order to offer a little over $3 million to the seven-footer. Instead, Bogey chose to take his talents to the Land®.

Now, with the Rockets literally left holding the bag — I mean that briefcase full of $3 million is probably still just sitting in Les Alexander's office — it doesn't mean they are left without options. In fact, there is one move that Morey can make that would help the Rockets be better positioned to take on the Golden State Warriors. His name is Jimmer Fredette.

"The only way we’re gonna beat them is with a barrage of three-pointers," Daryl Morey recently told SiriusXM NBA radio about beating the Warriors in the playoffs.

Enter the CBA MVP.

This season in the CBA, Jimmer is scoring 37 points a game while shooting 40% from three.

The CBA is no NBA. But the Rockets do have experience with CBA MVPs. Last season, Michael Beasley came over and joined the Rockets after his amazing season in China and ended up being one of the team's best players for the stretch run.

Fredette (if added) wouldn't be as badly needed as Beasley was last season, but it doesn't mean he wouldn't come in handy.

Fredette would be another piece in the Rockets’ coming war against the Warriors and whoever else they face in the playoffs. The team already has five of the top three-point shooters in the NBA with James Harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza and Lou Willams putting up 40.5 threes a game, but hell, why not add a sixth and shoot even more?

The chances of the Rockets finding a big they like half as much as Bogut out on the streets is pretty unlikely, so why not keep adding to what they do well, which is shoot a TON of threes?

In his first three NBA seasons, Fredette shot nearly a combined 60 percent on corner three's.

After being the 10th overall pick in the 2011 draft. he's had quite a journey. He was once considered the next big thing after dominating college basketball at BYU, but he spent time in the D-League and now he's in China. Maybe a spot with the Rockets could be what helps put Fredette back on the map.

Just picture it: Game 7 in the Western Conference Finals and the Rockets are down two points. Harden draws a double team and he kicks it out to Fredette who nails a game-clincher.

That's a dream, but you can't tell me Fredette won't knock down his fair share of threes in Mike D'Antoni's system if given the chance

Fredette wouldn't come in and make the Rockets finals contenders. Bogut wouldn't have either. What he can do is offer the chance to drown teams in a sea of threes by helping the team shoot 50-60 bombs a game, and if they make even a third of those shot, they can hang with/beat just about anyone.