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Game thread: Rockets vs. Jazz

The Rockets take on the hated Jazz tonight at the Toyota Center.

Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Here’s hoping for a Rockets victory against the hated Jazz. I’m not sure if I ever confessed this on here before, but the Utah Jazz are my most hated team in all of professional sports. They’ve literally never been likable at any point, and that’s an impressive level of disgust.

I mean, Malone, Stockton, Mayor Hornacek, Sloan, Boozer, Okur -- they make me shudder just thinking of them.

Anyway, Rudy Gobert is pretty good, and I don’t hate him per se, but I do hate that he plays for the Jazz, and unfortunately, that also means that I wish him ill will at every opportunity.

May you die a thousand horrible deaths by various gruesome medieval tortures, Mr. Gobert. Or at the very least, shoot 0-12 tonight.

Go Rockets.