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You will lose in a fight with Patrick Beverley

No matter how hard you cheap-shot him.

There are terrible calls, and then there are dangerous no-call. Steven Adams threw Patrick Beverley a nasty cheap shot on a screen, and the refs swallowed their whistles.

In between quarters, Beverley had to go to the locker room to be evaluated (he returned quickly thereafter) after that sickening whiplash. His legs looked wobbly. It turns out, I am a much bigger baby about Beverley getting hit than the Wolverine is.

A few possessions later, Beverley swished a three. It may have been a geometrically perfect shot, the swish was so pure. Two possessions after that, he nailed a stepback three after Adams closed out on him. The Rockets were up by double-digits, and the Thunder had to call a timeout.

Everyone knows if you try to pick a fight with the Wolverine, he will go into Berserker Mode. You do not want to see Berserker Mode.