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NBA Playoffs 2017: Getting Ryan Anderson going is kind of a big deal

Anderson needs to get his groove back.

NBA: Playoffs-Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

In Houston Rocket vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 3, picking up the win and getting a step closer to finishing the series is goal No. 1 for Mike D'Antoni and the Rockets. Goal No. 2, and almost as important as getting the win, is finally having Ryan Anderson find his shot again.

In two games, Anderson is 0-11 from three and has only made two shots so far.

Having Anderson hitting four or five threes a game will help make the Rockets even more deadly, and it's a part of the offense that they will need in the next series, likely against the San Antonio Spurs.

So far, without any threes from Anderson, the team is up 2-0 on the Thunder and while Game 1 was a blowout, the Rockets barely eked out a win in Game 2 at home.

Wednesday night, Anderson missed seven threes, played 28 minutes (nearly 10 fewer minutes than Game 1) and right after the game, he was right back on the court putting up shots.

Towards the end of game two, it was clear Anderson was not very confident in his shot. Instead of taking wide-open three-pointers, he would pump fake and drive, and that's not always the best offense for the Rockets.

Back in the day of Dwight Howard, the Rockets would spend the first few minutes of the game pounding the ball into him to try and get him going.

Friday they might need to do the same thing, but instead of giving him the ball in the paint like they did Howard, or feed Anderson threes like they normally would, maybe they could get him going by having him shoot a few mid-range jumpers.

Anderson isn't a banger inside, and right now he's not a long-range bomber. While mid-range shots aren't a part of the offense, finding something little closer to the basket to try and get his confidence back could be huge in him getting his three-point shot back.