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Game thread: Rockets vs. Kings

Beard and Co. head to California’s capital to take on the Kings

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the outcome of this game does not affect the Rockets’ placement in the standings or their playoff matchup against the Thunder.

Yes, the Rockets won’t be at full strength with Sam Dekker still out with a broken hand, Nene with hand soreness, and Trevor Ariza and Eric Gordon resting tonight

Yes, the Kings are tanking, hoping their draft pick won’t get sent over to the Philadelphia 76ers.

But, have no fear. There is some exciting stuff attached to this game.

Troy Williams is starting, and he has the ability to do this to any of the Kings.

The Rockets also shot FIFTY 3-pointers the last time they were in Sacramento, something they might repeat today.

And James Harden is probably enough of a reason to get me to watch a basketball game, as he looks to possibly put the finishing touches on an MVP campaign.

So yes, comment below, get excited, it’s Rockets basketball, y’all!