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The Dream Shake Podcast, Ep. 40: And we're tied!

Ryan, Max, and Jeremy talk about the Rockets-Spurs series

The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 40

Hosts: Ryan Dunsmore, Max Croes, and Jeremy Brener

Welp. It wasn't a sweep. The Rockets are for the long haul against the Spurs. Let’s talk playoff basketball:

  • Spurs take a 2-1 lead in the series after the Rockets blowout victory in game one.
  • Why did the Rockets drop back-to-back games by large margins?
  • How do the Rockets deal with the Spurs defensive adjustments?
  • Rockets rebound with a victory in Game 4.
  • Spurs lose Tony Parker; Rockets lose Nene. Which is the bigger loss?
  • How do the Rockets move on with Nene out for the remainder of the playoffs?
  • What are the keys for Game 5?

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