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Rockets season recaps 2016-2017: Bobby Brown

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A look at Brown’s year plus what’s next.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The 15th man on the roster has a very simple job. He's someone that only will get playing time only if something goes horribly wrong, or extremely right.

Bobby Brown's season with the Houston Rockets was just that: the only time he was able to get playing time by the time the Rockets were fully healthy was in blowouts in wins or losses.

While Brown never really contributed to meaningful games for the Rockets, maybe he should have. Throughout the year, Brown would come into games and shoot, and he'd consistently make shots.

In 25 games during the regular season, Brown shot 40 percent from three and in the playoffs, in the surprising amount of garbage time the Rockets played, he hit 5 of 11 three-pointers in 22 minutes.

At one point during the season, head coach Mike D'Antoni joked after a blowout, that had he put Brown into the game earlier they would have had a 50-point fourth quarter.

It was a joke, but it always felt like Brown was an option, just something they'd never use because of the effectiveness of James Harden at point guard and the combo of Patrick Beverley and Eric Gordon (and later Lou Williams) when the Beard sat. In case of an offensive emergency, break the glass, and Brown could rain threes down on upon the opposition.

Will Brown be back?

The need to upgrade the final roster spot is pretty slim, and he's also friends with James Harden, there is no need to rock the boat.

Brown can hit threes and he won't command a lot of money. He's a restricted free agent and it's very doubtful that another team is going to try and sign him to a large deal.

If Brown comes back for another season, it would likely cost just barely over $1 million, a small price to pay to keep Harden happy and a fireball-throwing emergency option. on the roster.