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Lil B lifts the ‘curse’ on James Harden

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So the Rockets are going to win it next year?

UFC, Famous Stars And Straps And New Era Cap Company Inc. 'The Magic Party' At XS The Nightclub Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Houston Rockets guard James Harden has played with a weight on his shoulders for the past three seasons: the curse of Brandon Christopher McCartney aka Lil B aka The Based God.

That is now over. Lil B went on First Take earlier this week and officially lifted the curse. Lil B talked with the ESPN’s First Take crew and lifting the curse on Kevin Durant and in a spur of the moment cleared Harden.

Lil B put the curse on Harden in 2015 because he dared to use Lil B’s patented and trademarked “stirring the pot” hand motion. I assume it was patented and trademarked with the way Lil B protects it.

Could it also be possible that Lil B is desperate to claim ownership over something culturally relevant because he hasn’t been able to drop a track that is worthwhile since 2011 or even a mixtape since 2015? I don’t know.

I guess Harden can be happy the curse is lifted, he can get back to averaging 29-11-8 per game.