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Carmelo Anthony “confident” he ends up in Houston

It sounds like we’re moving towards Anthony joining the Rockets soon.

NBA: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hold on to your hats, H-town. The offseason is primed to get even hotter. With the Rockets in hot pursuit of Carmelo Anthony to add to their superstar core of James Harden and Chris Paul, it’s now being reported that both Anthony and the Knicks are confident a deal gets completed to send the high-scoring forward to the Rockets. According to ESPN’s Knicks beat writer Ian Begley:

"I'm told Carmelo feels pretty confident that a deal will get done at this point to Houston.”

And ESPN also had this to say, according to the Washington Post:

“The Knicks and Anthony feel good about the possibility of completing a deal that sends him out of New York.”

Combine that with a now-deleted Instagram post from former Anthony teammate Nene of ‘Melo in a Rockets jersey, and all signs are pointing to Anthony soon heading to Houston.

Though nothing is official, and it’s yet to be leaked exactly what the trade could look like or if there will be a third team involved, there’s no doubt that the current NBA scuttlebutt is trending towards ‘Melo donning Rockets red very soon.

It’s a move I’m in favor of, and I outlined the reasons here at TDS a few weeks back, and Ethan’s made it known he likes the potential fit as well.

Keep your eyes glued to your phone updates, Rockets fans. It really feels like Melo to Houston could happen at any moment.