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James Harden and Chris Paul are already playing together

Footage of The Beard and CP3 is out.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Clippers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With all the Carmelo Anthony rumors and tweets being bandied about, it’s easy to forget there are other things happening this offseason, including some cool stuff about the two superstars who are actually on the Rockets at the moment: James Harden and Chris Paul.

The two were captured on video out in Los Angeles, playing alongside teammate Trevor Ariza and former Golden State Warrior and current free agent Javale McGee. The video was put up on Instagram by YouBall training.

Of note in the video is a vintage Chris Paul mid-range jumper, a slick pass underneath to Ariza, and a three from the top of key. Paul looks ready to go.

There’s also plenty of Beard on the video, and it’s much of the same stuff we’ve come to know and love from Harden, including some long alley-oop passes.

It’s also important to notice that both Harden and Paul did their fair share of handling the ball in the clips that we saw. There’s still some people out there with the ridiculous notion that these two won’t be able to play together, since they’re both typically ball dominant guys. And granted, this was hardly top notch competition or a serious game, but they both looked like themselves and played both off ball and as the primary handler.

I’m sure once they get together with head coach Mike D’Antoni and start formulating an offensive strategy for the season, we’ll be sure to see a wide array of creativity from these two top-notch guys.

July is almost over, so that means preseason basketball is just two months away. But for now, enjoy what little footage we have in anticipation of what things could look like this fall.