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The Rockets respond to Hurricane Harvey

Many Rockets and NBA players are offering support to Houston.

Hurricane Harvey Slams Into Texas Gulf Coast Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard that Houston is under water right now. As someone who has lived in Houston for 18 years and is no longer living there, I am thankful to be safe, but my mind is constantly running and thinking about my Houstonian friends and family. If anything is coming out of this, I’m glad that it is proving how awesome the community is. It’s also nice to see the support of others on the outside looking in.

Part of what makes any sports team special is not just the team, but the city they play for. Many Rockets have offered their support on social media:

James Harden, Chris Paul, and Eric Gordon are some of the Rockets pledging support. Clint Capela even went the extra mile and retweeted rescue messages and emergency hotlines yesterday. Capela’s timeline is filled with retweets of calls for help. As painful as the situation is, it is wonderful that he is offering his help in any way he can.

Many former Rockets have also offered their support through social media.

All my Texas family stay safe.

A post shared by Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward) on

Patrick Beverley and Dwight Howard still have connections to Houston and are offering their support where they can. Howard also listed some charities on his Twitter account that people can donate to for the cause.

One of my favorite memories in the Dwight era of the Rockets was after Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals on Memorial Day when the Rockets avoided elimination against the Warriors. Houston was experiencing a hundred-year flood and fans were stuck in the arena because of the overflooded streets. Most of the Rockets lived in walking distance from the arena and could get home, but Dwight, who lived out in Pearland was stuck just like most of the fans. So, D12 and the fans hung out in the arena post-Game 4. The season ended two nights later in Game 5 in Golden State but it was a magical moment that transcended the game.

The moments that are bigger than us as people, that force us to come together as a community, can be seen as the most special sometimes. Right now, Hurricane Harvey is bigger than us and bigger than the game of basketball. The Dream Shake is here to offer a basketball outlet and give a platform for Rockets fans, but it is nothing without the community.

Everyone at The Dream Shake is thinking about Houston and all of Houston is in our thoughts.

If you would like to donate to charities or relief organizations, here is a list of websites.