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Clint Capela helping with Harvey via Twitter

The Rockets center is lending a hand through social media.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a difficult of couple days for the city of Houston, with Hurricane Harvey dropping a mind-boggling 11 trillion gallons of water already on the state of Texas, and some estimates are claiming it could end up as high as 25 trillion by the time the storm passes.

The massive flooding is causing unprecedented devastation to the city and its residents, leading to incredible acts of heroism by many first responders and private citizens, who are risking their own lives to save those who have been trapped in their homes, offices and vehicles. The National Guard is now on the scene to lend a hand as well.

And while it pales in comparison to those putting themselves at risk out rescuing their fellow Houstonians in their own boats and watercraft, one particular member of the Houston Rockets is doing everything he can to lend a helping hand as well.

Clint Capela has been manning his Twitter account since the disaster started, using his broad social media reach to spread the word about people and pets who are still trapped by the rising flood waters and need rescuing.

He’s also tweeted out the rescue hotline numbers on multiple occasions, helping to inform those still requiring assistance as to the fastest way to get some help.

Capela’s sent out numerous tweets over these last 24 hours, sending out the names and addresses of those in need of rescue, ranging from a pregnant woman about to go into labor all the way to a group of dogs and cats still stuck in their owner’s flooding house.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Capela himself is actually also trapped (but safe), and though he’d like to be doing more, he’s helping as much as he can in light of the circumstances. Capela told the Chron:

"I'm here in downtown. I can't (leave) from my house go help people where they are right now. I'm trapped. I saw this stuff on Twitter. I was trying to help. I saw some people couldn't do anything from the roof of their apartment or their houses. Some people were trying to go from their houses with their kayaks. I was just trying to spread the word. Of course, I feel really bad for those people. I tried to help any way I could.”

The Rockets big man told the Chron that he’s just trying show some love to those in need and give back to the city that’s been so warm and welcoming to him since he arrived from overseas.

"It reminds me of Katrina. I was not even in the States. It's something that's really hard to see. It makes me feel bad to be here and see. I was thinking I cannot not try to do something, even on Twitter. Anything that I could do that would be helpful, I should do it.

"Since I got here, I really feel like it's home for me. I feel the love from the people. I love this city. I still have my home, but I love the people here. I want to show them that I love them also."

Capela’s efforts are just a small drop in the enormous bucket of incredible heroism that’s being displayed by and for Houston residents during this ongoing disaster, but his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as he’s done what he can to help the city that’s given so much to him in its time of need. Keep up the good work, Clint.

Houston, you’re in our thoughts.