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Toyota Center being used for flood shelter

The Rockets are lending another hand to those displaced by Harvey.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of terrible tragedy, you can often find those who step and go above and beyond to help their fellow man, and the Hurricane Harvey disaster is no different. There’s been countless tales of courage pouring in throughout the ordeal, mostly coming from fellow Houstonians and first-responders.

But many Houston Rockets have shown fortitude for their community as well, pouring in donations to J.J. Watt’s still-growing fundraiser, along with Les Alexander’s massive $10 million donation, and other Rockets players, such as Clint Capela, doing what they can. Now the team is helping in another way.

As the disaster worsens, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner has announced that the Toyota Center will be used as an evacuee relief center for any Houston citizens displaced from their homes.

Most of the support that has come from the Rockets, including the Toyota Center opening and Mr. Alexander’s huge donation, were intentionally left under-the-radar. Alexander and the Rockets wanted to keep everyone’s full attention on the disaster at hand, so they have refused to issue any releases to the public. Most of the information we’re getting about those who are helping has come from Mayor Turner, who’s done an admirable job at managing this unprecedented disaster.

Even though I’m not from Houston and am speaking strictly from an outsider’s perspective, I’m certainly humbled by the incredible effort the Rockets franchise and players have given to the city and the people who support them year-around. And while I’ve said before that the true heroes are the citizens of Houston and the police, firemen, ambulance and regular Joes who are putting their lives at risk to help their fellow man, the Rockets do deserve a standing ovation for stepping up when the city needed them most.

Way to go, Rockets. Seeing the way the team has given as much help as possible has made me extremely proud to be a Rockets fan.