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Steve Francis is raising funds to help Harvey victims

The former star Rocket is also lending a helping hand to Houston.

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Steve Francis #3

Steve Francis, the former Houston Rockets start point guard, is also getting involved with the Hurrican Harvey fundraising efforts, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The ex-three-time All-Star and NBA Rookie of the Year (2000) has set up a Youcaring page asking for $100,000 in donations that Francis will send to the Red Cross. According to the page:

Hurricane Harvey is the major storm that has swept through our great city and caused relentless devastation. The catastrophic flooding has forced evacuations and so many counties have been declared disaster areas and at least five individuals have been reported dead. There are so many people in the community that are in need of our help.

Former NBA Player Steve Francis has a strong desire to provide disaster relief for those that are in need of assistance during this time. Any amount that you can donate will be a major help.

All proceeds will be given directly to The American Red Cross.

Let’s come together Houston and Make A Difference In The Lives of Others!

There’s plenty of fundraisers going on, ranging from J.J. Watt’s mega-fundraiser that currently has upped it’s goal to $10 million, up from an original goal of $500,000, to numerous local churches and organizations putting together their own fundraisers. Plenty of people out there have already given.

But if you’re still looking for an organization to make a donation to, Stevie Franchise’s cause is a good one, and you can jump online to make a donation here.