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Rockets versus Timberwolves

Will Mike D'Antoni MF another player? Will Jimmy Butler have some sort of Tomball related point to prove in Houston?

Preferred Blake Griffin Fight Target - Unsuspecting 66 year old man.
Preferred Blake Griffin Fight Target - Unsuspecting 66 year old man.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Will Tom Thibideau shout himself hoarser? Will the absence of Ariza and Green hurt the Rockets? Will the TNT announcing crew and studio show once again produce a lingering sense of frustration? How will James Harden play after a three week absence? Will the Chris Paul + James Harden + Clint Capela health magic reign supreme despite the suspensions?

Would you be interested in a "Rockets on TNT" drinking game? Or at least scoring it as if it was a drinking game is an alcohol related coma seems too much to give to fandom? We never would encourage actual binge underage or illegal drinking here at TDS, as we respect shareholder value too much for that, but how about we just see who racks up the high score?

I say we have certain phrases or discussions that prompt a "drink" or "+1+ to everyone's game tally, and then everyone playing chooses one unique phrase or theme that only applies to them, for scoring purposes.

So various proposed +1s/Virtual Drinks

Rockets shoot the most 3s in the league.

Mention of "The San Antonio Game"

Chris Paul & James Harden partnership, still in doubt.

NBA players are soft, not like in the olden days of golden yore.

Reggie Miller Non Sequitur

Rockets Are/Are Not Contenders

OKC/Timberwolves/Clippers/Spurs/RandomFringeWCPlayoffTeam is the true threat to Golden State.

Chris Paul wasn't a winner without Harden

Locker Room Invasion!

OMG the Wiggins deal is a horror show (+3)

Jimmy Butler is the Heart of MN