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Rockets vs Pelicans - Season Opener

The Rockets host the Pelicans to begin the 2018-2019 Season.

NBA: Preseason-Toronto Raptors at New Orleans Pelicans
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After a chronologically short, but emotionally endless off season the Houston Rockets are ready to once again begin their challenge for an NBA Championship. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what this season is, and only about three or four teams can say that.

That said, I’ll make my annual plea to enjoy the journey. The season is long, and NBA basketball itself is meant to be enjoyable. Don’t be the person who wants to skip to the ending of the book. The stuff in the middle is there for you to enjoy, and the story won’t make sense if you know the outcome without experiencing it all.

If you experienced the Rockets season last year you’ll know that the win total wasn’t fluky and the Rockets were the #1 seed because they deserved it. You’ll know that the team that went to the WCF was perfectly capable of winning a title until injury struck. If you didn’t pay much attention in 2018 it iseasier to just shift the narrative to something easy, and lazy.

We don’t always get the ending we want, but don’t let someone else change the story because they didn’t read the middle.


Rockets 2018-19 Win Total?

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