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Could this be a leak of the new Rockets “City Edition” jersey?

Is this the new alternate jersey for the Rockets this season?

Via @Mccauley318 on Twitter

Earlier this week, a Twitter user leaked possible photos of what could be the Rockets new “City Edition” jersey for the ‘18-’19 season.

While it does appear to be on a rack, unfortunately, Twitter user, @Mccauley318, AKA Captain Kangaroo Pimp (if that is his real name), didn’t specify at which retailer he saw the jersey. This seems to be another case of an eager store putting out a jersey before the team and/or Nike could announce it. The same thing happened to the Trailblazers last season.

It’s not far-fetched to chalk this up as the new “City Edition” colorway and not just a knock off or custom. Just like the alternate jersey last year, this one features Chinese characters on the front, paying homage to the city’s rich Asian community like they have done in the past with the Chinese New Year jerseys.

Thankfully, unlike last year, they changed the colorway for this one. The color bears a resemblance to *ahem* another NBA team, sporting a rich maroon, or wine, and gold scheme. It’s also sporting some kind of traditional art pattern in the background.

Some might not like this, but I actually welcome it. It’s one of the few times the Rockets have worn something outside of the traditional red, white, black, and gray colors since 2003. The others being when they rocked the ketchup and mustard jerseys, and maybe you can count that one Christmas edition with the cream letters. In other words, their jerseys have back lacking on potential for some serious fire. Can we at least get a throwback some time soon?