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Carmelo Anthony to remain with Rockets, GM Morey says

Some clarity on Carmelo Anthony’s situation.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

When Carmelo Anthony did not appear for the Rockets’ loss to the Spurs on Saturday night, a report that Anthony and the Rockets were “discussing the role” for the rest of the season surfaced from multiple reports “close to the situation.”

However, Daryl Morey announced today that the team does not have intentions to release Melo.

Melo will remain out tonight against the Pacers but the reports coming out regarding Melo’s role with the team likely stem from the frustrating start to the Rockets’ season. Melo had just two points in his last appearance Thursday night, but he is definitely not the reason behind the Rockets’ early-season woes.

Melo’s patience is likely very thin given that he came to Houston expecting to join a contender, and the Rockets have been far from that in the opening month of the season. However, he has dealt with worse situations in his career in New York and Oklahoma City, but he has shown signs of frustration, especially when teams fail to perform to expectations.

That is where I believe these reports are stemming from, but Melo is one of the players that could possibly be a part of the solution to the Rockets’ problems, so I hope that they keep him around to at least try it out and not waste something that has not even started yet.