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Chris Paul buys Gary Clark a sweet birthday present

How about a new Mercedes? That sweet enough?

Houston Rockets v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Chris Paul is known for his leadership. Guys like playing with him, and he’s a steadying presence in the locker room, often for reasons beyond basketball. Well, we saw a glimpse of that this weekend when rookie forward Gary Clark had a birthday.

Clark, who currently makes just $385,000, was apparently in the hunt for a car, and being young, inexperienced, and probably not yet with a huge pay check (relatively speaking, of course), he was having issues about where to start.

Well, CP3 picked up the slack, and helped Clark’s team procure a brand, new Mercedes GLE, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Chron was initially reporting that it was unclear if CP3 was just lending a hand in the buying process or if he actually bought the car for Clark, but it was confirmed by The Athletic that it was, in fact, a gift from Paul to Clark.

Clark’s cousin also sent out pictures of the new ride, and Paul standing alongside Clark outside of the car.

The new GLE’s start around $52,000 and can easily top 100k, depending on what type of options are involved, so this was a pretty amazing gift from the veteran and the rookie.

Paul signed a max 4-year, $160 million deal in the offseason, so there’s no doubting he has the capital to help out the rook, and what better way to have a young guy want to run through walls for you than to help him out off the court when needed.

Classy move by CP3, and just another example of the positive team culture built in H-town. It all starts with your veteran leadership, and there’s no doubting Paul’s willingness to step up for his young guys.

Good stuff, CP3!