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Happy Thanksgiving from TDS!

There’s a lot to be thankful for this year.

Immigrant Families Celebrate Thanksgiving In Connecticut Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Everyone here at TDS would like to wish our readers a happy Thanksgiving!

We have plenty to be thankful for at TDS. I’m thankful for all of our staff: Jeremy, Conrad, Colin, AK, Xiane, the site wouldn’t be what it is without all of your efforts. I appreciate your hard work every single day. And I’m thankful for our contributors as well: Max, Ethan, Coty, thank you guys for always being willing to pitch in.

Personally, I’m thankful for my family: my wife, stepdaughter, and my 21-month-old baby girl, who are the light of my life. And my greater family lost a few members this fall, so I’m particularly thankful for extended family this year!

We’re also thankful the Rockets have turned it around, saving all of us from having to cover a disappointing season (which looked entirely possible out of the gate), and most of all, we’re thankful for our readers. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here, so thank you for coming back every single day to read what we have to say and making TDS the best place on the web to chat Houston Rockets. It’s all about the Rockets community here, so that means you all make this site what it is.

Hope you all have a happy, safe, and loving holiday with your friends and family!