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Rockets at Cavs - game thread

The Glamour Cities of America Roll By

NBA: Houston Rockets at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

So after losing in an overtime game that was funny in many not humorous ways, the Rockets travel onward from the environs of Detroit to Cleveland. To be honest, both games against Detroit felt like set ups, so I suppose one of two is ok.

The Cavaliers, after putting up a real fight against LeBron James Lakers in his first visit back to Cleveland (again) after leaving (again), put a beating on the 76ers. The Rockets should be wary in this game. Perhaps the Cavaliers have found something, perhaps they’ll be tired.

In the end it shouldn’t matter, the Rockets are a more talented team, and even on a bad shooting night, the Rockets were poised to win last night in Detroit. Blake Griffin did what he usually doesn’t, and came through late for Detroit. Other factors were in play.

Tonight hopefully will not see a repeat of that, and the Rockets can notch a win by another Great Lake.