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John Krasinski might have gotten trolled with picture of Chris Paul

Does the former The Office star know who Chris Paul is?

Today is Election Day 2018! That means that not only is it the last day to vote, but, also, there are a lot of people more active on Twitter today than usual.

While a lot of citizens, celebrities, and politicians are doing their best to get everyone they possibly can involved and do their civic duty, trolls are out in full force as well.

John Krasinski- star of multiple major productions, including writing and directing possible movie of the year A Quiet Place, but only gets remembered as Jim Halpert from The Office- was doing his part on Twitter.

It took not but two- yes, two- replies for him to get a troll, and it was a good one if I’m being honest.

Yes, that is Houston Rockets point guard and all-time great basketball player, Chris Paul, and his wife after voting. No, that is not Paul’s account or burner account who responded to him.

In case you’re wondering if that is him, here’s undeniable proof:

There’s a bunch of weird things that happened following this Tweet. For one, Krasinski didn’t notice or acknowledge that this is indeed Chris Paul. He didn’t address the loads of comments and quoted Tweets telling him that it was Paul. Krasinski telling Vinny “awesome” got way more likes and retweets than the actual Paul Tweet.

So, let’s list out all the possibilities here because I want to give Krasinski the benefit of the doubt.

  1. He does not know who Chris Paul is. This is strange because Krasinski is a notable celebrity sports fan, and his character on The Office, Jim, is a huge sports fan and actually founded a sports marketing company. Not to mention, he also loves basketball. I feel like this is the least plausible
  2. His mentions are absolutely flooded with pictures, replies, and people “@-ing” him that he just couldn’t take the time to notice. He’s a great guy, and he was trying to get to everyone, and, let’s face it, any picture of anyone voting is “awesome.” That would also explain why he also couldn’t see people telling him that it’s CP3. This is the most plausible.
  3. Lastly, he simply loves voting and basketball so much that he was super excited to see Chris Paul voting. Maybe he doesn’t follow Paul, or maybe he didn’t see it on his timeline, but there’s a strong chance that he saw the picture of Paul and said to himself, “Wow, that’s awesome.” He didn’t even care who posted it, he was just glad to see it. OK, this is probably the least possible, and I’m sticking to it.

Honestly, this was just a hilarious mishap, and it’s actually nice our favorite celebrities are taking time to thank citizens for voting when they don’t have to. The only bad thing that came out of this was all the *ahem* original people using that “identity theft is not a joke, Jim” line or references to Athlead over and over again.

Happy Election Day!

Gif via Imgur