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Report: Rockets ‘leaning toward’ starting Eric Gordon over James Ennis

Is Houston looking to convert the 6th Man to a starter?

NBA: Houston Rockets at San Antonio Spurs John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets may be looking to shake up their lineup to help solve their recent struggles.

On Monday, Alykhan Bijani of The Athletic reported that the Rockets are “leaning toward” starting Eric Gordon over James Ennis III against the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday.

This news is most likely in direct response to the Rockets’ current three-game losing streak. In those three games, the Rockets were on short end of blowouts to the Timberwolves and Jazz, and in a tight game in which they blew a fourth-quarter lead against the Mavericks.

It’s an interesting move, to say the least. Eric Gordon has had his weakest season with the Rockets so far, averaging 15.7 points a game on only 36-percent shooting from the field and only 31-percent shooting from three- all career lows in his time in Houston. But, his numbers are noticeably different as a starter:

Starting: 8 games. 36 Min. 19.5 PPG. 36.7% FG. 34.2% 3P.
Reserve: 14 games. 30 Min. 13.6 PPG. 36.6% FG. 28.6% 3P.

This may also be a result of Gordon’s comments last week. After the Rockets huge loss against the Jazz on Dec. 6, Gordon was vocally unhappy with the team’s current state; questioning if players are being used to the best of their abilities.

Maybe a higher usage rate of Gordon is the answer the Rockets need to get out of this rut. Currently sitting at 11-14 and 14th in the West, Houston definitely needs to try something new.