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5 Questions with Grizzly Bear Blues on Brandan Wright

Grizzly Bear Blues talks about the Rockets’ new center.

Memphis Grizzlies v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Brandan Wright played his last two-and-a-half seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies until he was bought out by the team over the weekend and signed with the Rockets on Monday. With Wright on board, we spoke with Grizzly Bear Blues and asked for a little more information about the 30-year-old big man and what he brings to the table.

TDS: What can the Rockets expect from Wright?

GBB: The Rockets can expect a talented big who when on the floor can run, finish at the rim at an extreme level, and even add some solid rim protection. Do not expect durability. You will probably be disappointed.

TDS: What is Brandan Wright’s biggest strength?

GBB: His strength is his ability to play in the pick and roll and finish lobs, which will fit nicely with James Harden and Chris Paul. He’s still a great athlete, and that combined with his length should make for lots of lobs...something Memphis did not take full advantage of.

TDS: What is Wright’s biggest weakness?

GBB: Health. He played in 67 games for Memphis over two and a half seasons, and only maybe 5 or so of those were DNP-coach’s decisions. Knees, calves, all sorts of issues. The worst part is he was never asked to play major minutes- the most he ever averaged per game was 17.7 minutes. Even in a limited role, his durability will be a concern.

TDS: Why does Wright fit in Houston?

GBB: He fits because his skill set feeds off of the strengths of what the best players for the Rockets do. He won’t stop the ball in the post on offense. He won’t be a major liability defensively thanks to his length. He and Clint Capela play a similar style (although Wright is nowhere near the rebounder). He is a net positive gain, especially considering he will only see roughly 12 minutes or so a game.

TDS: Any final thoughts on Wright?

GBB: He just never fit the best players of the Grizzlies and their games. He was misused in Memphis, and between that and his health it didn’t work out. He’s a solid worker and leader in the locker room. Houston got a good one.

Thank you Grizzly Bear Blues for helping us out!